Promoting the LiME App

In Jan - Apr 2016
Marketing, Design, Code editing HTML and CSS,
WordPress, Evaluation of CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)


LiME is a smartphone application for hairdressers to manage their clients’ records, as well as the schedules of the hairdressers themselves.

Purpose to Promote the App

To obtain users of the LiME application.
To convey the attraction of the LiME application.

Feature 1:
Website Creation

It is very important for hairdressers to manage their clients in their hair salons.
Potential users can understand the functions of the LiME application well with the website.

Feature 2:
Growth Hacking

I created pages to convey the attraction of the LiME application by transferring to the website from the LiME application.

Feature 3:
Creating Facebook and Instagram Ads, and CPA Evaluation

I evaluated CPA (Cost per acquisition) on Facebook and Instagram etc.
Data is used for the future strategies.



Medias :
Instagram, Facebook, Google Adsense, YouTube

Evaluation details :
graphics, videos, texts, hours, ages, gender

The RiZM App